Add the wow factor to your event with daytime, Fire and LED circus shows and walkabout acts. A bedazziling visual spectacle that will impress and enchant your guests.

Frenchy can a variety of performance options... These include... 

  • Stage Shows
  • Walkabout Characters - Daytime and Evening
  • Fire Shows - Solo, Multi-prop and performer shows and routines
  • LED Circus Shows - Motion reactive custom built hula hoop
  • Group choreographed shows to suit your event

For more information please contact Frenchy directly. 

Fire Shows

Solo, Multi-prop and performer shows and routines for all events

Frenchy can offer solo fire shows in fire hula hoop, fire fans and fire palms. For bigger events and shows Frenchy can employ other performers to create multi prop and multi performer shows.

Ideal for outdoor events or weddings.

LED Hoopdance Shows

Motion reactive LED hula hoop for your stage or event

Wow your guests with Frenchys custom built hoop performance! When in motion the hoop creates patterns including hearts, stars, fractal patterns and even rainbow skull and cross bones! Has to be seen to be believed!

Ideal for indoor events or outdoor events after dark.

Stage Shows

Daytime or evening choreographed shows for your stage or dance floor

Stage shows can include the shiney daytime ‘bubble’ hoop, fire or LED. Routines can be slow and flowy or fast and exciting. Frenchy can offer a circus, steampunk or specifically themed act for your event.

Ideal for all staged events.

Group Shows

Custom designed and choreographed shows with specific themes and costumes to suit your event

Give your event the extra special touch that people will remember! Group shows can be daytime specific or include fire and LED performance.

Ideal for bigger events, weddings and festivals.

Walkabout Characters

Daytime and Evening costumed walkabout performance

With solo or group performances, our characters entertain and mingle with your guests to create a fun dynamic roving entertainment focus for young and old. With a range of props and characters we can tailor the performance to suit your event.

Ideal for festivals, parties and pre-event – keep your waiting crowds happy and entertained!

For more information and pricing please contact Frenchy directly -