Chakradance - 7 Chakra Meditative Dance Workshop! KOHA ENTRY!

This practise takes you on a dance fuelled journey through the seven Chakra system. No experience necessary and all ages and fitness levels welcome! Please be ON TIME as i lock the doors and bring a bottle of water... wear clothes you can easily move and dance in... we dance in barefeet....

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Friday 11th November, 7.30pm - 9pm
Centre for Higher Self
!st Floor, 1 Marion Street

Chakradance is a meditative dance practise that includes meditation, a warmup, dancing with your eyes closed and mandala art creation. 

There is a belief that each Chakra has a vibrational quality - we dance from root to crown... It can be a very powerful practise and you may discover areas in your life you need to focus on and move towards healing.

Please arrive early or on time as the doors will be locked to avoid disturbances.

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Contact me now to book a workshop for you and your friends!  Private bookings of this workshop are also available for your group - please contact to book :-)